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About Valorant eDPI Calculator (Formula)

Understanding eDPI

eDPI is a metric that combines a player’s mouse sensitivity setting and their mouse’s DPI (dots per inch) setting to determine how far the on-screen crosshair moves in response to physical mouse movement. It is a crucial aspect of a gamer’s setup because it directly impacts their ability to aim accurately and track targets. In Valorant, where headshots can mean the difference between victory and defeat, having the right eDPI is vital.

The formula for calculating eDPI is simple:

eDPI = In-Game Sensitivity x Mouse DPI


  • eDPI is the effective dots per inch.
  • In-Game Sensitivity is the sensitivity setting chosen within the Valorant game settings.
  • Mouse DPI is the dots per inch setting of the gaming mouse.

Using the Valorant eDPI Calculator

The Valorant eDPI Calculator simplifies this calculation, making it easy for players to experiment with different sensitivity settings to find the one that suits their playstyle and aiming preferences.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Input Sensitivity: Enter your desired in-game sensitivity setting in the calculator. This is typically a numeric value that you adjust within the Valorant game settings.
  2. Input Mouse DPI: Enter your gaming mouse’s DPI setting. Most modern gaming mice allow users to adjust DPI settings, which can vary from a few hundred to several thousand DPI.
  3. Calculate eDPI: Click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will instantly provide your eDPI value.

Optimizing Gameplay with eDPI

Finding the right eDPI is a highly individualized process and depends on factors like personal preference, playstyle, and the physical space available for mouse movement. Players who prefer precise aiming might opt for a lower eDPI, while those who prioritize quick flick shots might prefer a higher eDPI.

The Valorant eDPI Calculator allows gamers to experiment with different sensitivity settings in a controlled manner. By adjusting their eDPI and testing it in-game, players can achieve better accuracy, faster target acquisition, and improved overall performance.


In the competitive world of Valorant, where every shot counts, the Valorant eDPI Calculator is a valuable asset for players looking to fine-tune their aiming precision. With a simple formula and user-friendly interface, it empowers gamers to optimize their eDPI settings and enhance their gameplay experience, helping them reach new heights of accuracy and dominance on the virtual battlefield. Whether you’re a casual player or aspiring esports pro, the Valorant eDPI Calculator is an essential tool for achieving your gaming goals.