Tablecloth Calculator

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Tablecloth Calculator

The Tablecloth Calculator is a handy tool used to determine the ideal size of a tablecloth for a specific table. It helps in selecting the appropriate dimensions to ensure that the tablecloth fits well and provides an aesthetically pleasing look.


The formula for calculating the size of a tablecloth depends on the desired drop length, which refers to how much the tablecloth hangs over the edges of the table. The formula is as follows:

Tablecloth Width = Table Width + (2 × Drop Length) Tablecloth Length = Table Length + (2 × Drop Length)


Let’s say we have a rectangular table with the following dimensions: Table Width = 36 inches Table Length = 72 inches Drop Length = 8 inches

Using the formula, we can calculate the recommended tablecloth size:

Tablecloth Width = 36 + (2 × 8) = 52 inches Tablecloth Length = 72 + (2 × 8) = 88 inches

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