T-Shirt Pricing Calculator

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T-Shirt Pricing Calculator

The T-Shirt Pricing Calculator is a tool used to determine the price of a t-shirt based on the cost to produce it and the desired profit margin.


The formula used in this calculator is:

T-Shirt Price = Cost to Produce T-Shirt + (Cost to Produce T-Shirt * (Desired Profit Margin / 100))


  • Cost to Produce T-Shirt is the total cost incurred in manufacturing each t-shirt, including materials, labor, and overhead expenses.
  • Desired Profit Margin is the percentage of profit you wish to earn from selling each t-shirt.


If the cost to produce a t-shirt is $10 and the desired profit margin is 20%, the calculation would be: T-Shirt Price = $10 + ($10 * (20 / 100)) = $10 + ($10 * 0.2) = $10 + $2 = $12

Therefore, the price of each t-shirt would be $12.

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