Reverse Dilution Calculator


About Reverse Dilution Calculator (Formula)

A Reverse Dilution Calculator is a practical tool used in various scientific and laboratory settings to determine the original concentration of a solution before it underwent dilution. Dilution is a common laboratory technique that involves reducing the concentration of a solution by adding a solvent, typically water, to it. This process is often used to prepare solutions of a desired concentration for experiments, analyses, or other purposes. The Reverse Dilution Calculator is particularly useful when you have a diluted solution but need to know the initial concentration, which might be unknown or not provided.

The formula for calculating the original concentration of a solution using the Reverse Dilution Calculator is based on the principle of dilution, which states that the amount of solute (substance being dissolved) remains constant before and after dilution. The formula is as follows:

Original Concentration (C1) = (Diluted Concentration (C2) × Dilution Factor (DF))


  • Original Concentration (C1) is the initial concentration of the solution, often expressed in units such as molarity (M) or percent (%).
  • Diluted Concentration (C2) is the concentration of the solution after dilution, typically measured in the same units as the original concentration.
  • Dilution Factor (DF) represents the factor by which the original solution was diluted. It is calculated as the ratio of the initial volume (V1) to the final volume (V2) of the solution:

Dilution Factor (DF) = (V1 / V2)

In essence, the Reverse Dilution Calculator allows you to work backward from the diluted solution’s concentration and dilution factor to determine the original concentration of the solution.

Reverse Dilution Calculators are valuable tools for chemists, biologists, and researchers who need to accurately calculate and document the concentrations of their solutions. This is critical in scientific experiments, quality control processes, and various laboratory applications where precise concentrations are required to ensure accurate and reproducible results.

In summary, a Reverse Dilution Calculator simplifies the process of determining the original concentration of a solution, providing scientists and researchers with a convenient and efficient way to work with diluted solutions and maintain the accuracy of their work.