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Refill Date Calculator

The Refill Date Calculator is a tool used to determine the next refill date for a medication or any other consumable item based on the prescribed dosage or usage frequency. It helps individuals keep track of when they need to refill their supplies to ensure they don’t run out.


The formula for the Refill Date Calculator is straightforward. It involves dividing the quantity or duration of supply by the dosage or usage frequency to calculate the number of days until the next refill.

Refill Date = Current Date + (Quantity / Dosage)


Let’s say you have a prescription for a medication that contains 30 tablets, and the prescribed dosage is to take one tablet daily. To determine the next refill date, you would use the formula as follows:

Refill Date = Current Date + (30 tablets / 1 tablet per day)

If the current date is May 1, 2023, the calculation would result in:

Refill Date = May 1, 2023 + 30 days = May 31, 2023

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