Rate of Reaction Calculator

Concentration of Species A (mol/L):
Concentration of Species B (mol/L):
Order of Reaction with Respect to A:
Order of Reaction with Respect to B:
Rate Constant (L/mol*s):

Rate of Reaction Calculator

The Foot Pounds of Energy Calculator is a tool used to calculate the amount of energy in foot-pounds generated by a force acting on an object over a certain distance.


The formula to calculate foot-pounds of energy is:

Foot Pounds of Energy = Force (lbs) x Distance (ft)


If a force of 50 lbs is exerted over a distance of 10 ft, the foot pounds of energy would be:

Foot Pounds of Energy = 50 lbs x 10 ft = 500 ft-lbs

Therefore, the amount of energy generated in this example is 500 foot-pounds.

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