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About Pie Cut Calculator (Formula)

A Pie Cut Calculator is a specialized tool used in carpentry and woodworking for creating segmented or “pie-cut” shapes. These shapes often form the basis for circular tabletops, lazy Susans, segmented turning, and other woodworking projects that require precision and consistency. The Pie Cut Calculator helps woodworkers determine the angles and dimensions of individual segments that make up a circular or polygonal design. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of pie cuts, explain the formula used by the calculator, and explore its practical applications in woodworking.

Formula for Pie Cut Calculator:

The primary formula used in a Pie Cut Calculator involves calculating the angle for each individual segment. To do this, you need the following inputs:

  1. Total Angle (360 degrees for a full circle): This represents the entire circle or polygon you want to create.
  2. Number of Segments (n): The number of equal segments you want to divide the circle or polygon into.

The formula to calculate the angle (θ) for each segment is:

θ = Total Angle / Number of Segments

This formula divides the total angle by the number of segments to determine the angle for each pie-shaped segment.

Applications of Pie Cut Calculator:

  1. Circular Tabletops: Woodworkers often use pie cuts to create circular tabletops with intricate designs. Each segment is cut and joined to form a complete circle.
  2. Lazy Susans: Lazy Susans are rotating trays commonly found in cabinets and on tables. A Pie Cut Calculator helps determine the size and angles of the individual segments for building a custom Lazy Susan.
  3. Segmented Turning: In woodturning, especially for creating decorative bowls and vessels, pie cuts are used to assemble multiple wood segments into a circular shape. The calculator ensures precision in cutting and assembling these segments.
  4. Artistic Woodwork: Craftsmen use pie cuts for artistic woodworking, creating visually appealing designs and patterns in various projects.
  5. Carpentry and Cabinetry: In cabinetry, pie cuts can be used for corner cabinets or shelving units to maximize space utilization while maintaining a circular or polygonal shape.
  6. Geometric Woodwork: For projects that involve geometric or polygonal shapes, the calculator ensures precise angles and dimensions for each segment.


A Pie Cut Calculator is an invaluable tool for woodworkers and craftsmen working on projects that require precision and consistency in creating circular or polygonal designs. By providing the angles and dimensions for each segment, it simplifies the cutting and assembly process, resulting in high-quality finished products. Whether you’re building circular tabletops, Lazy Susans, segmented turning projects, or any other woodworking creations, a Pie Cut Calculator is an essential resource for achieving accurate and visually stunning results in your craftsmanship.