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About Period of Revolution Calculator (Formula)

A Period of Revolution Calculator is a valuable tool used in physics and astronomy to calculate the time it takes for an object to complete one full orbit around another object, typically in the context of celestial bodies orbiting in space. The period of revolution is a fundamental parameter used to describe the motion of planets, moons, satellites, and other objects within our solar system and the broader universe.

The formula for calculating the period of revolution (T) is as follows:

Period of Revolution (T) = (2π × Semi-Major Axis (a)) / Orbital Velocity (v)


  • T represents the period of revolution, typically measured in seconds (s) or years (yr) for celestial objects.
  • is a constant approximately equal to 6.28318, representing two times the mathematical constant π (pi).
  • Semi-Major Axis (a) is the average distance from the center of the orbiting object to the center of the object being orbited. It is typically measured in meters (m) or astronomical units (AU) for celestial objects.
  • Orbital Velocity (v) is the velocity of the orbiting object in its path around the central object. It is typically measured in meters per second (m/s) or kilometers per second (km/s) for celestial objects.

This formula is derived from principles of circular motion and Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. It allows astronomers and scientists to calculate the precise time it takes for objects to complete their orbits, providing essential information for understanding celestial dynamics and predicting celestial events.

Period of Revolution Calculators are valuable tools for astronomers, astrophysicists, and space scientists studying the motion of celestial bodies. By accurately determining the period of revolution, they can make predictions about astronomical phenomena such as planetary positions, eclipses, and satellite orbits. Additionally, this calculation is crucial for mission planning and spacecraft trajectories in space exploration.

In summary, the Period of Revolution Calculator is a vital tool that simplifies complex calculations related to celestial orbits, enabling scientists and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of celestial dynamics and plan missions and observations with precision. It plays a crucial role in advancing our knowledge of the universe and its celestial objects.