Optical Density Calculator

Incident Optical Intensity:
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Optical Density Calculator

The Optical Density Calculator is a tool used to calculate the optical density of a material or solution based on the incident and transmitted optical intensities.


The formula used in the calculator is:

Optical Density (OD) = -log10(Transmitted Intensity / Incident Intensity)

The incident optical intensity represents the initial intensity of light before it passes through the material, while the transmitted optical intensity represents the intensity of light that passes through the material. The higher the optical density, the greater the absorption of light by the material.


If the incident optical intensity is 10 and the transmitted optical intensity is 3, the optical density can be calculated as:

OD = -log10(3 / 10) ≈ 0.522

Therefore, the optical density of the material is approximately 0.522.

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