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Mach Number Calculator

The Mach Number Calculator is a tool used to determine the Mach number of an object or fluid flow based on its velocity and the speed of sound in the medium. The Mach number is a dimensionless quantity that represents the ratio of the object’s velocity to the speed of sound.


The formula to calculate the Mach number is:

Mach Number = Velocity / Speed of Sound


Let’s say an aircraft is flying at a velocity of 300 meters per second, and the speed of sound in the air is approximately 340 meters per second. Using the formula, we can calculate the Mach number as follows:

Mach Number = 300 / 340 ≈ 0.882

In this example, the Mach number of the aircraft is approximately 0.882. This indicates that the aircraft is traveling at about 88.2% of the speed of sound.

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