Extinction Coefficient Calculator

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Extinction Coefficient Calculator

The Extinction Coefficient Calculator is a tool used to determine the extinction coefficient of a substance or solution. The extinction coefficient, often denoted as ε, is a measure of the absorbance or attenuation of light by a substance.


The formula to calculate the extinction coefficient is:

Extinction Coefficient (ε) = Absorbance (A) / Path Length (l) * Concentration (C)


  • Absorbance (A) is the measure of light absorbed by the substance
  • Path Length (l) is the distance the light travels through the substance
  • Concentration (C) is the concentration of the substance in the solution


If the absorbance is 0.5, the path length is 1 cm, and the concentration is 0.1 M, the calculation would be: Extinction Coefficient = 0.5 / 1 * 0.1 = 0.5

Therefore, the extinction coefficient would be 0.5.

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