Dog Whelping Calculator

Dog Whelping Calculator

A Dog Whelping Calculator is a tool used to estimate the expected due date and track the progress of a dog’s pregnancy. It helps dog owners and breeders prepare for the whelping (birthing) process by providing an estimated timeline and important milestones.


The formula for calculating the due date is based on the average gestation period for dogs, which is around 63 days. By inputting the date of mating or the first day of the dog’s last heat cycle, the calculator can determine the approximate due date.


Let’s say a dog mated on January 1st, and we want to estimate the due date for her whelping. Using the average gestation period of 63 days, we can calculate the expected due date.

First, we add 63 days to the mating date: January 1st + 63 days = March 4th

Therefore, based on the Dog Whelping Calculator, the estimated due date for the dog’s whelping is March 4th.

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