CC/REV to GPM Calculator


About CC/REV to GPM Calculator (Formula)

A CC/REV to GPM (Cubic Centimeters per Revolution to Gallons per Minute) Calculator is a valuable tool in fluid dynamics and engineering that helps convert volumetric flow rates between different units of measurement. This conversion is particularly useful in various industries where fluids are handled and pumped, such as automotive, hydraulics, and manufacturing. The calculator allows users to convert between the metric unit of cubic centimeters per revolution (CC/REV) and the imperial unit of gallons per minute (GPM) to ensure accurate measurements and efficient fluid management.

The Formula for CC/REV to GPM Conversion:

To convert from CC/REV to GPM, you can use the following formula:

GPM = (CC/REV) × (0.000264172)


  • GPM represents the flow rate in gallons per minute.
  • CC/REV is the flow rate in cubic centimeters per revolution.

The conversion factor, 0.000264172, is used to convert from the metric unit (cubic centimeters) to the imperial unit (gallons) and from revolutions to minutes.

The Importance of CC/REV to GPM Conversion:

  1. Interchangeability: Different industries and regions may use either CC/REV or GPM as their standard unit of measurement. The ability to convert between these units ensures compatibility and communication between different systems and equipment.
  2. Precision: In engineering and fluid systems, accuracy is crucial. Converting flow rates accurately helps engineers and operators make informed decisions about the capacity and performance of pumps, valves, and pipelines.
  3. Efficiency: Many fluid systems are designed to operate within specific flow rate ranges. Converting between CC/REV and GPM allows for efficient selection and optimization of components to meet desired performance criteria.
  4. Globalization: In our interconnected world, industries often source components and equipment from various regions with different measurement standards. Conversion tools like this help streamline global trade and manufacturing processes.

How to Use the Calculator:

Using a CC/REV to GPM Calculator is straightforward. Input the flow rate in CC/REV that you want to convert, and the calculator will provide you with the equivalent flow rate in GPM. This tool simplifies the conversion process, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing the risk of errors.

In conclusion, a CC/REV to GPM Calculator is a practical and convenient tool for engineers, technicians, and professionals working with fluid systems. It ensures precision, compatibility, and efficiency in fluid handling processes, ultimately contributing to the effective and reliable operation of various industries.