Bow Draw Weight Calculator


About Bow Draw Weight Calculator (Formula)

A Bow Draw Weight Calculator is a valuable tool for archers and bowhunters, helping them determine the draw weight of a bow. Draw weight is a critical factor in archery, as it affects the ease of drawing the bow, the power of the shot, and ultimately the accuracy and effectiveness of the archer. This calculator simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate draw weight for an archer’s needs and physical capabilities.

The formula for calculating bow draw weight is relatively straightforward:

Bow Draw Weight (in pounds) = Draw Length (in inches) × Desired Draw Weight Percentage


  • Bow Draw Weight represents the force required to fully draw the bowstring back, typically measured in pounds (lbs).
  • Draw Length is the length of the archer’s draw, which is the distance the bowstring is pulled back before release, usually measured in inches (in).
  • Desired Draw Weight Percentage is a percentage that reflects the archer’s skill level, physical strength, and intended use of the bow.

The desired draw weight percentage is a crucial factor, as it determines how much of the archer’s physical strength should be used to draw the bow. For example, a beginner might choose a lower percentage, while an experienced archer might opt for a higher percentage to maximize arrow speed and power.

The Bow Draw Weight Calculator simplifies this calculation, ensuring that archers select an appropriate draw weight based on their individual preferences and physical capabilities. It also helps archers avoid choosing a bow with excessive draw weight, which can lead to fatigue, poor accuracy, and potential injury.

For example, if an archer has a draw length of 28 inches and desires a draw weight percentage of 70%, the calculation would be:

Bow Draw Weight = 28 inches × 70% = 19.6 pounds

In this case, the recommended bow draw weight would be approximately 19.6 pounds.

Bow Draw Weight Calculators are indispensable tools for archery enthusiasts and professionals, helping them fine-tune their equipment for optimal performance and enjoyment. Whether for recreational target shooting or serious bowhunting, selecting the right draw weight is essential for accuracy and success in archery pursuits.